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Special Collections


Collections are built from curiosity. We research collection development opportunities, both exhaustive and tangential.


Collections happen through trade. We're proud to belong to an international search network of dealers, scouts, and auctioneers.


We gather, evaluate, and quote paper traces of modernity: rare books, ephemera, manuscripts, archives, photographs, and prints.


Through exhibitions, catalogues, and digital projects, we aim to share our discoveries with academic and Special Collections communities.


  • visual culture
  • design • technology
  • work • medicine
  • psychology • crime
  • fleurs du mal

Curriculum Vitae

In 2010, to develop doctoral research on curiosity, Jason curated an open bookshop and event space in downtown Toronto. Two years later, at the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar, his focus shifted to Special Collections and the structures of cultural memory, "because the Cloud forgets."

From 2014–2016, he completed his Master of Information Studies degree at McGill University, where he worked as Curatorial Assistant and Reading Room Coordinator at Rare Books and Special Collections, while also pursuing SSHRC-funded research on book-collecting and information systems design. Bibliographical interests include fine books, manuscripts, visual culture, archives, and the human sciences.